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25th September 2022

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With the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, questions have been raised in the minds of many people about the process of making this vaccine, its safety, availability, price and other such issues. Here you will find information on these questions related to vaccines. Also you will be able to know what scientists know in this regard and what is yet to be known. This information is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO); Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States, and other similar reliable sources. Some of these have been used verbatim while in some places they have been re-worded. While collecting and presenting this information, we would like to make a special mention of the important role of these organizations in gathering it.

There are many steps you can take to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and getting vaccinated is one of them. Along with this, it is advised to continue with the precautions like applying face mask, keeping distance from others and washing hands frequently. This reduces the risk of contracting the virus itself and spreading it to others. Detailed guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare can be seen here.

Getting vaccinated – eligibility, timing and dosage
Who is eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine?
In India, from May 1, 2021, everyone above the age of 18 years can get the Kovid-19 vaccine. Please check your local state guidelines for more information.

If you cannot pre-register via online, please contact your local government health worker, who will provide you with same-day on-the-spot registration, appointment, verification and vaccination at any Government COVID-19 Vaccination Center .


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