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25th September 2022

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PAN Card Service 

In order to apply for PAN card online, it is important to know what is PAN card. It is an English word. We call this in the proper form – PAN Card. The full form of PAN  is called Permanent Account Number and Permanent Account Number in Hindi.

PAN Card

It is generated by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India. A person can get a it only once in his entire life. If a person’s PAN card is lost, it can be made again. But if a person wants that two of it are issued to him, then it is not possible.

It is not only made for any person, but it is also made for any business, industry, department, government, ministry, integrated Hindu family and any organization.

In the eyes of the government, It is a means of measuring the income of any person. The important document that is asked for while filing tax is PAN . It is mandatory for filing taxes and making financial investments.

Its number is of total 10 digits in which 6 are English letters and 4 are digits. Its  number contains all the tax and investment related data of the person. The CIBIL credit score is checked through PAN only.

Apply online 

  • Apply Online For New PAN ( Form 49A) : Click Here
  • Re-Generate online PAN Application( Form 49a): Click Here
  • Download Blank Form 49A (PDF) : Click Here


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